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If you want to change your life, the first step to put your wellness chaos back into order.  You need to go back to the basics...

Our bodies know how to heal.  Naturally.

But how? You may ask.

That's what we'll be talking about in this and in the subsequent posts.

If you observe how a cut immediately starts to heal, you'll be present to the body's wondrous healing ability.

However, when overtaxed the body can present some difficulties to regenerate and repair.

There are several simple and inexpensive things you can do for yourself on a daily basis that will save you thousands of dollars in medical bills, take you out of survival and into maintenance mode, and help your body regain or significantly increase this extraordinary innate healing ability to do its job with more ease.

A daily routine that will be conducive to a state of good health and wellbeing includes:

1. Drinking enough water:

By far the most important thing you can do!  A well hydrated body can perform at its best, and use its innate ability to heal and repair itself when needed. When the body is in survival mode it cannot repair, and cannot reproduce. So, there is great benefit in training yourself to live in maintenance mode, instead, and drinking enough water is the first step.

The next great thing you can do to improve your wellness is...

2. Eating wholesome and clean foods: 

Essential not only for your survival but for thriving in a healthy body, the food you eat consists of the building blocks of who you will become. So you want to be super careful with what flies into your body through your mouth. Choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle over other tempting options may pay off in the end and help you avoid illnesses that often lead to some pretty challenging life breakdowns.

What to do next?

3. Caring for your emotional and mental health, and moving your body.

4. Developing rituals and supportive routines, and relying on a strong spiritual foundation that will carry you through all of life's challenges with more ease and grace.

5. Keeping your home clean and free from harsh chemicals.

6. Fostering meaningful connections, being close to people who feel like sunshine!

Choose consciously...

Consciously choosing real healing over the magic pill is key to being truly healthy. There are some pretty amazing healing systems and practitioners who have the ability to tap into and address the cause of ailments. They may be able to help you heal from the inside out, so that you can get back and stay in the land of healthy as your natural state of being. Just as nature intended.

The next STEPS take you on a journey back to being healthy, and expands on each one of the points above.  Each one of these posts contains several suggestions that, if you choose to follow, will dramatically improve your health, well-being, and vitality.  

However, have in mind that going back to nature can be a very intensive game plan, specially depending on how far away you've come from it. So, be gentle with yourself and implement these suggestions slowly.

Being healthy, basically boils down to cultivating good habits that promote wellness. It takes time, effort and persistence to build something that is truly valuable. Just keep moving forward, one baby step at a time. From dis-ease back to ease.

Get started today...

Follow these steps that will help you in your journey towards great health and wellness.

About Renata Souza

An Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner and instructor, Renata has been helping clients successfully overcome diverse wellness issues for over 20 years.



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