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The Power of WHEN

When should you do what?

One of the KEY components of success is TIMING…

Your Personal Cycle offers critical information on WHEN is the right time for you to take specific actions for increased success.

Our journey through life may seem random to the untrained eye. Things appear to happen as a result of our own efforts, or as a consequence of random events, or even because of what we perceive to be ‘good' or ‘bad’ luck.

But there is an invisible rhyme and reason to our life as well.

There is a rhythm of cycles that we all predictably move through, unknowingly to most people, and in each phase of our lives our attention will naturally be guided to a certain direction.

Your Personal Cycle...

Each stage of life is designed to guide you, to help you make further progress in your own personal evolution.

And when you discover where you are in your Personal Cycle, you can understand why you feel a certain way, and how your experiences during that period fall into a specific predictable pattern.

Each step along your life journey, gives you certain homework as well. And If you do the homework assigned for that phase, you’ll make the most progress… in the right direction! 

Then, the next stage of your life builds on that, to be even more positive and powerful for you to thrive!

Having this information is CRITICAL for your success, and allows you to FINALLY be in the right place at the right time, to plan well, to go with the flow of your specific journey rather than swimming against the current, which is what most people do out of ignorance — I mean, out of ignoring this important information that could make a huge difference in their lives.  

Every decade, and every year within these decades in your life, has a significance and a purpose.

People tend to think that life is just randomly happening to them but, in fact, there is a predictable pattern weaving through all the years and decades of your journey on this planet; and, if you’re aware of it, you can make the most progress with the life lessons being sent your way.

In the Life by Design™ program, you may find that you might be headed in the wrong direction. But with the guidance you get in this program you can correct course.

It’s never too late to align with these patterns and change direction to get the most out of what you invest in terms of TIME, ENERGY and, even, MONEY.  So being in this program saves you a lot of all of that, and also restores your experience of ease and grace as you move through life's chapters.

Over thousands of years of research, Chinese medicine discovered a way to map your personal cycle,  which provides essential information to create a successful life, one that puts you in a state of flow.

This is a special branch of Chinese medicine that most people don't know about.

So,  choose  consciously...

... to explore and discover how to bring your life journey back into harmony and flow.

And another super important tip...  

Consider choosing real  healing over the magic pill. One that considers and addresses your uniqueness, and the uniqueness of your situation and condition.

There are some truly amazing energy healing systems and practitioners who have the ability to tap into and address the cause of issues. They may be able to help you heal from the inside out, so that you can get back and stay in the land of healthy as your natural state of being. Just as nature intended.

These things are key to living a better, healthier life, with more joy and freedom... Naturally!

However, when choosing natural healing, have in mind that going back to nature can be a very intensive game plan, specially depending on how far away you've come from it.  So, be gentle with yourself.  Have patience, and persevere.

Get started today...

Follow these simple steps that will help you in your journey towards great health and wellness, naturally.

About Renata Souza

An Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner and instructor, Renata has been helping clients successfully overcome diverse wellness issues for over 20 years.



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