Escape the Burnout TRAP  and
Live a Fulfilling Life on Your Own Terms


Escape the Burnout TRAP  and live
a fulfilling life on your own terms



Escape the Burnout TRAP  and
live a fulfilling life on your own terms

An 8-Module Live Online Program with Renata Souza, Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner  &  instructor, Founder of Life by Design™, and author of  BodyTalk, Language of Health

An 8-Module Live Online Program with Renata Souza, Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner  &  instructor, Founder of Life by Design™, and author of  BodyTalk, Language of Health


How long does the program last?

Life by Design™ is an 8-module program that can comfortably be completed in nine weeks (one module per week plus a week in between to catch up).   However, you can go through the program and complete it at your own pace.  All program materials will continue to be available to you, even after the cohort completes the journey, and you can access them all at your convenience. You get lifetime access to the Program Website.

Is this a live program?

The Life by Design™ program offers a combination of pre-recorded video lessons, live Inner Circle Mentoring and Q&A sessions with Renata Souza, and a series of amazing Bonuses.

Are the personalized tips astrology-based?

No.  Not one of the personalized tips and program components are based on astrology of any kind.  Everything is based on scientific and extensive research of naturally occurring patterns.

What kind of support will participants count on?

All participants get Concierge support through email at any time. We strive to make everyone feel supported throughout the journey.

You'll also get bi-weekly live Inner Circle Mentoring and Q&A Sessions with Renata Souza, so you can have answers to all the questions you may have related to the program's activities.

You'll also have access to a supportive Community Forum (private Facebook group) through the duration of the program

One-on-one mentoring can be acquired through the program's website, which you'll have access to once you sign up for the program.

Can I upgrade my Inner Circle?

Absolutely! If you discover that you need more mentoring and hand-holding beyond the 3 months you get, you may acquire more Inner circle sessions inside the program's website.

What kind of results can I get from this program?

There are so many exciting and heart warming success stories from this program...

One person overcame many blocks and was able to open a new business she had been dreaming of having for a long time, which was an unexpected result out of doing this program.  

Another single mom's life completely changed from being totally consumed by her situation to having time for herself, to share quality time with her children, have time for fun again, and actually take her life to a level she had never experienced before.

Stories like this are my driving motivation. I feel so happy when I see people happy, thriving, and free!  I love to witness them overcome their difficulties and break through their limiting beliefs and circumstances to live a life they absolutely love, by their own design.

Other observed results were: Reduced, or even eliminated, inner conflict; Improved overall health and wellness; Enhanced effectiveness and productivity; Higher contentment levels and personal joy; Rediscovered sense of purpose and fulfillment; Maximized feeling of flow and ease in life; Rediscovered sense of freedom.

Those are some of the changes, transformations and successes that have happened for the people who have gone through this program. I would love to include your success story too!

How would you love your life to look like? To feel like?

What Bonuses will participants get?

All participants of the Life by Design™ program will get the following bonuses:

3 months of bi-weekly live Inner Circle Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions with Renata Souza.

8 group Energy-blocks Clearing Sessions with Renata Souza,

● Your personalized True Purpose Guide

● Your customized Inner Design Map

● A Group Completion Session with Renata Souza that will happen some time between 2-weeks to a month after the conclusion of the Life by Design™ journey. This is being provided to help tie up loose ends and, also, to address any additional questions participants may have.

Will the energy-blocks clearing sessions be live?

The weekly Energy-blocks Group Clearing Sessions will be video recorded. As soon as they're available, these videos will be uploaded onto the members area of our program's website, where you'll also find all the other video lessons and program materials.

Is this another schedule creation workshop?

Not really. This journey will definitely enable you to powerfully create, from within, routines and schedules that you can stick to and that will bring you more joy.  However, this is an opportunity for a much deeper dive into finding your own answers, instead of trying to fit into someone else's pre-made boxes that may have worked for them but do not work for you.  Participants will get very powerful tools that will help customize and realign your whole life with what's really important to the real you (even if you're not yet clear).

Will this program work for me?

Well, my question for you is: will you work for it?  And if your answer is yes, then my answer is yes.  Because I can lead you, I will give you all the information, I will cheer you on, I will be with you every single step of the way, but the ONE thing I cannot do is... I can't do it FOR you.

So the answer to that question is: if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, yes!  Because I'm definitely not only willing but completely committed to it, and very excited to witness what you create for yourself and your life!

What if I don't have the time?

The real question is: do you have time NOT to?  Because one of the things a program like this does is to help people properly prioritize and be less busy. 

Your unending to-do list, you never having a luxurious lunch, you never having the time to do the things that you want in your life for you, that's part of what we're actually going to hit and handle in this program. So, really, this is a question for you to answer. 

But my question back to you is: do you have the time not to?

Will this program be available later?

The short answer is yes. However, the availability of this program changes from year to year. We try to offer it at least once a year but we didn't offer it last year. At the moment, this upcoming date is the only one scheduled for the current year.

But let me ask you a question... How will your life be and how will you feel one year or two from now?  If you don't do something different will anything be different?

It is open right now, and I would love to have you join us.

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