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3 Keys to Escape the Burnout Trap

Discover the 3 essential principles for consciously designing your life to break free from the overwhelm cycle and cultivate more joy, balance and freedom

US:  Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 – 5 pm EST
UK:  Wednesday, May 15, 2024 – 9 pm BST
Australia: Thursday, May 16, 2024 – 7 am AEST



Renata Souza

Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner & instructor, Founder of Life by Design, and author of  BodyTalk, Language of Health

Imagine living a life you really love and 

that allows you to truly flourish.

Wouldn't it feel wonderful to  feel empowered by a life rich with passion and possibility? 

A life by your design that makes you feel alive each and every day, and fully aligns with your values.

But here’s the challenge…  Engulfed by the world's supersonic pace, we are overextended (frankly, overwhelmed) with the day-to-day hustle of modern life.

And this makes it difficult to have clarity on our true priorities, leaving us feeling stuck, confused, and depleted.

This is a recipe for burnout.   So, why do we find ourselves stuck here?

Our culture continually feeds us the machine of busyness and, without a proven roadmap to navigate this modern-life jungle, it’s way too easy for us to get lost in all the things that pull us in a million directions;  get caught in the Default Life, stuck in the way we’re ‘supposed to live’. 

But there is a way to powerfully create a different life that embodies your ideals more fully and addresses areas of stress, chronic neglect, or compromise that eventually lead to burnout. A life by YOUR design.

That's why I created "Three Keys to Escape the Burnout Trap".  These are the foundational keys to access the power to consciously redesign your life, and make beneficial and lasting changes in the right direction.

In this online masterclass you'll discover these 3 essential Keys:

Exploring your Invisible barriers

To see the way forward more clearly it's important to know how to explore your invisible barriers, so you can free our unique path to a life filled with more ease and fulfillment.

Aligning with your Inner Design

Understanding your unique Inner Design and realigning with it is key to free yourself from unnecessary stress and create an experience of more harmony, balance and flow in your life.

Employing the power of WHEN

How the power of WHEN is essential to creating increased serendipity, fulfilling success, and authentic joy in your life.

"Renata is an outstanding instructor. I've had the great pleasure of following her certification as a BodyTalk practitioner, then watched her excel and become a prominent international instructor – the first in the world to teach BodyTalk in Portuguese."

John Veltheim

Founder & Creator of the BodyTalk System

"Renata has helped me get past stress and implement tools and practices that gave me more ease and freedom in how I live my daily life, enjoy relationships, nurture my health and build my business.   She is a compassionate listener and an experienced facilitator of large and small groups."

Sue Ellen Sweeney

Life Coach

"My quality of life in general has improved so much!  I have a more positive outlook and, also, enjoy better health and vitality out of participating in her awesome programs as well as working with Renata in private sessions for healing and lifestyle changes guidance."

Lisa Poklop

Designer & Entrepreneur

About Renata...

A former architect, Renata Souza has 20+ years of experience as a practitioner, instructor, and business operator in the wellness and transformation arena. She is the author of BodyTalk, Language of Health.

Her individual sessions and group programs have helped individuals as well as organizations achieve an energizing level of balance, harmony, and connection from within; which translated into vibrant health, enhanced performance, authentic joy, and meaningful success.

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