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Water Intake


Among all that you can implement in your daily routine to improve your health and well being, drinking enough water is by far THE most important thing you can do.

I learned this lesson the hard way...

When I was younger, my water consumption consisted of one glass in the morning and one at night. That was it.  And this was accomplished with much struggle.  I also had been led to believe that if I drank ‘other liquids’ I would be fine, so I thought I was ok.  But I later found out that this was not true, as you'll see next...

This unhealthy habit created several health issues, among them: severe chronic constipation and recurring urinary problems.  Other more serious issues followed, stemming from these conditions.

My body gave me several signs of distress way before it shut down in my early 30s — when life threw a few curveballs at me and my stress levels went through the roof.  Malnourished and dehydrated my body couldn’t withstand the impact of the added stress, and I fell seriously ill.

I ended up in bed rest for months because of a very serious kidneys infection.  I didn’t have energy for anything, not even to speak. So, I laid there in bed gazing around and rethinking my life. That was all I could do. For months.

Three months later I was regaining some strength to start slowly coming back to ‘normal’ life. The consequences of this in my life were immense, and the aftermath of my health breakdown was not pretty to watch.

Trust me, you don't want to get to this point.

Our bodies need water for literally all the vital functions it performs on a daily basis.

Besides, we need to replace the water evaporated through perspiration to maintain the integrity of our bodies, which are composed mostly of water, and also to regulate its temperature.

No water, no life!

And what really hydrates the body?  The ol' plain H2O — WATER!

Other 'liquids' either need to be digested, like juice and soup, or they dehydrate the body, like coffee, tea, sodas and alcoholic beverages.

Over the years I witnessed first hand what the water intake did to my clients.  I had one client who only drank sodas, coffee and other 'tasty' beverages. When she first came to my office she was in really bad shape, dehydrated all the way down to the cellular level.

Several conditions can be improved and, even, healed if we just drink more water in enough quantity to fulfill our daily need.  Some of these are: constipation, urinary problems, arthritis, allergies, some skin problems, and some other conditions resulting from a faulty nervous system.

The average person, needs at least two liters, or 67 ounces, of water per day.  This obviously changes according to the size of the individual.  Make sure to choose water of good source and free from chemicals.  Avoid drinking distilled water, which is considered 'empty' water – the reason being is that this empty water always seeks to fill itself up with the minerals in our bodies, washing them out.

Avoid being fooled by its simplicity, the very best tip ever to improve our overall health and wellness, increase vitality and heal many conditions naturally is: Drink ENOUGH water!

If you don't feel thirsty, it may mean that you need to retrain your body to ask for water.

One thing you can do is this: carry a large bottle of water with you and keep it at your sight to remind you that you need to drink that amount of water during the day. Sip your water often throughout the day until you have drunk the necessary to fulfill your personal daily need.

If that doesn’t work, you can try to consume at least half of the water in the morning before breakfast. This is actually the best habit you could implement in your daily routine for better health and vitality.

Remember, it takes some time to change a habit, so be patient with yourself and persevere!

Choose consciously...

Consciously choosing real healing over the magic pill is key to being truly healthy. There are some pretty amazing healing systems and practitioners who have the ability to tap into and address the cause of ailments. They may be able to help you heal from the inside out, so that you can get back and stay in the land of healthy as your natural state of being. Just as nature intended.

However, have in mind that going back to nature can be a very intensive game plan, specially depending on how far away you've come from it. So, be gentle with yourself and implement these suggestions slowly.

Being healthy, basically boils down to cultivating good habits that promote wellness. It takes time, effort and persistence to build something that is truly valuable. Just keep moving forward, one baby step at a time.  From dis-ease back to ease.

Take the next step...

Continue the journey to great health and wellness...

About Renata Souza

An Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner and instructor, Renata has been helping clients successfully overcome diverse wellness issues for over 20 years.



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