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Clean Food


What you eat and drink makes you... YOU! — Your body, your health and vitality, or lack thereof.

So, another thing you can implement in your routine to improve your health and well being is to buy clean food.

Essential not only for your survival but for thriving in a healthy body, the food you eat consists of the building blocks of who you will become.

So you want to be super careful with what flies into your body through your mouth. Choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle over other tempting options may pay off in the end and help you avoid illnesses that often lead to some pretty challenging life breakdowns.

But just healthy is not enough, your food also needs to be free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that jeopardize the delicate balance of your inner environment.

Your best bet is to go organic for a number of reasons:

Organic foods don’t contain additives that can be harmful and cause several health problems including: heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity.
Organic foods are also free from pesticides —  Over 400 chemicals are routinely used in conventional farming and residues are often present in non-organic food.
Genetically modified (GMO) crops and ingredients are not allowed under organic standards. We are still yet to know the full extent of the negative effects of GMO foods in humans.
There is growing concern about the high use of antibiotics on farm animals and the possible effect on human health, not to mention what some of these animals eat that end up inside our bodies. Organic standards take animal welfare very seriously.
Millions of dollars are continually spent on removing chemicals from our drinking water, including pesticides used in farming that find their way into our waters.
You save on the high costs of medication you would need to buy to treat the disorders caused by the poisoned foods and drinks you consumed.   Even if it’s a little more expensive, isn’t it better to spend your money on clean foods that will promote health and wellness instead?
Organic food comes from trusted sources. All organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year.
Organic farming causes less pollution and less dangerous waste, if any.
When buying organic you are empowering those who have group consciousness and care about your health, the animals and the integrity of our environment. Going organic is better not just for us, but for our planet as well.
Organic foods and drinks taste SO much better! Many people prefer organic food because they say it tastes better. Of course it does... It’s real food! Not technology...

The next time you go grocery shopping take some time to read the Ingredients list on the packaging of what you are about to purchase, and make sure you are not buying poison-in-a-bag instead of wholesome products that will provide you with good nutrition. You can get a Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives to assist you on identifying possible sneaky culprits. 

Why put your health and the health of your loved ones at risk?

One more thing about food... You may want to check with a good nutrition expert to see if you're not eating something your body reads as a toxin.  We may think we are eating healthy foods but, sometimes, our bodies have a different interpretation of what is healthy for you. Make sure to check with a professional who has the capacity to personalize your dietary needs.

Choose consciously...

Besides consciously choosing clean foods, consider also choosing real healing over the magic pill. This is key to being truly healthy. 

There are some truly amazing healing systems and practitioners who have the ability to tap into and address the cause of ailments. They may be able to help you heal from the inside out, so that you can get back and stay in the land of healthy as your natural state of being. Just as nature intended.

However, have in mind that going back to nature can be a very intensive game plan, specially depending on how far away you've come from it. So, be gentle with yourself and implement these suggestions slowly.

Being healthy, basically boils down to cultivating good habits that promote wellness. It takes time, effort and persistence to build something that is truly valuable. Just keep moving forward, one baby step at a time. From dis-ease back to ease.

Get started today...

Follow these steps that will help you in your journey towards great health and wellness.

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An Integrative Energy Medicine practitioner and instructor, Renata has been helping clients successfully overcome diverse wellness issues for over 20 years.



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